Places to visit in Wiltshire

If you are lucky enough to live in one of the Park homes Wiltshire way you will be living in one of the counties with the longest history. With many different places available to visit you can be sure of finding something to interest you. Here are a few suggestions for you.

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Stonehenge – this prehistoric standing Stone Circle is jointly owned by English Heritage and the National Trust and it draws in visitors from around the world. You can visit the centre to find out how ancient humans would have built this incredible site and some ideas on what it may have been used for. It is a must see for anyone visiting the area.

Longleat – if you like a mixture of architecture and animals then Longleat is the place for you. You can tour the house and see some impressive furniture and artwork that has been in the family for hundreds of years. Following on from this take a drive around the safari and then stop off in the pet’s corner for a look at some cute and fluffy creatures.

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Salisbury Cathedral – one of the most beautiful religious buildings in the country Salisbury Cathedral boasts some incredible architecture and stained glass windows. A visit should be on everyones to do list.

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